SONDE N°2023YB and SONDE N°2023OB


Grafické objekty, ktorých povrch tvoria grafické listy vytlačené z hliníkovej matrice (akvatinta, mezzotinta, suchá ihla, lept, autorské metódy) tlačou z výšky,


140 x 15 x 15 cm,

foto Peter Čintalan.


Daily movement, impulses, personal revolutions, that are creating our personality with the aim to grow to be a better person, ready for the Heaven.

Graphic object from graphic sheets printed from aluminium plate (aquatint, mezzotint, dry point, etching, author methods) by relief printing.


140 x 15 x 15 cm,

The author Martin Ševčovič records the inner of subject and the depth of his soul in a cycle of works called SONDES. In terms of time and volume of works, it is his most extensive cycle of works, whether in the form of graphic sheets of various formats or overlaps into space in the form of graphic objects, up to objects whose surface consists of procedural imprints from the so-called liquid matrices invented by the author. In terms of content, the works seek to visualize the imaginary code of human. What makes us up internally, mentally. The geometric shapes are meant to refer to the rational side and the others to the other, irrational side... The variety of layering he managed to create by using combinations of different graphic techniques. The vertical form of the objects, in turn, supports the intention to refer to the need for inner growth, human change and the overall meaning of life - MONUMENTUM. („Momentum can mean both „impulse / revolution”, which indicates its causative potential, as well as: importance, cause, influence, or meaning – which in turn shows it as an important factor of reality. In addition, among the dictionary meanings there are terms such as: cause, circumstance, movement, change.")


foto by Peter Cintalan

Mgr. art. Martin Ševčovič, ArtD.

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